Hiring Veterans is a Call to Action

When owning a business, it is important to pay attention to who is being hired. Most times, employers check backgrounds, do drug screening, and even check work history, but a person’s veteran status is another option to consider. There are many positive aspects to hiring veterans. From structure and punctuality to volunteering to defend the country, veterans are generally well trained and highly ethical individuals.

When in the service, an officer is trained to be punctual. “Five minutes early is ten minutes late” is the motto that many service men have pounded into their brains through the duration of their service. Being on time is important in a business, and military personal understand that punctuality is key to success and teamwork.

Service men are also trained on a team structure. They know that when one team member makes a mistake, every other team member pays for the mistake as well. They are taught to operate as a unit, and to never leave a man behind. Using those teachings in a work environment can actually help to provide a more successful business by ensuring that every member is up to speed on what is going on, and every employee feels a sense of guilt when a job is not performed at the highest level of success.

One last factor to take into consideration is the fact that the armed services employ volunteers. The volunteers are signing up with a company who is likely to put them into life and death situations. The volunteers sign the paper knowing that there is a good chance that they will not survive the job. The fact that they are willing to sign a paper with that knowledge shows that they are dedicated.

Being a veteran is a status that is earned and should be respected and applauded. Hiring veterans not only helps a business internally, but shows customers and clients that the business cares about the country. Hiring veterans also shows that the business appreciates and cares about those people who have placed their lives on the line in order for that business to have to right to be in operation.

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