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  • The Role Of Government

    You have two dominant trains of thought when approaching social and fiscal dilemmas in the United States. There are those who favor the free market and believe in bringing about prosperity through personal growth, ingenuity, and strong community based social programs and who also favor the privacy and minimal government intervention as outlined in the constitution. On the other hand you have those who take a more controlled, and central planned position. These people usually cite the lack of ethics among corporations to treat their employees fairly and will take a humanistic view when approaching social programs. This same group often feels compelled to protect its citizens from themselves as they feel more like parents taking care of naïve children.

    Many of the current administration fall into the latter group. They have extended unemployment, implemented a mandatory health insurance program, and have redistributed billions of dollars to programs designed to make life easier for those on the bottom. The quagmire they find themselves in is how to maintain a system based on Keynesian Economics in a time where inequities in global economics cause capital flight. Their intentions may have been noble but their approach has failed everyone involved. In the past, simply by being in the work force people were able to become upwardly mobile by virtue of their work ethic. The unemployed now have to decide whether to pursue employment that pays less than their current benefits at the risk of their standard of living. Before insurance was such a force in healthcare community organizations and churches stepped in to provide for the needy. Obama Care has made it harder for the working class to seek medical help because they’ve been mandated to cover the expenses of the needy and infirm in addition to their own. Additionally, the federal stimulus plans modeled after “New Deal” economics, along with manipulations of economic data, have decreased the purchasing power of the dollar. Food prices have sky rocketed, health care expenses have increased exponentially, and energy remains extraordinarily high. Things like this just make it cost more for normal people to live, buy things, and get services done like septic tank miami.

    Our “book smart” bureaucracy still fails to understand what’s happening on the street. Free market economics is a concept that allows people to create prosperity for themselves and it promotes free flow of capital by rewarding ingenuity, hard work, and discipline. Every parent has to step aside eventually and let their children make their own decisions; our government should be no different.