Environment or Genetics. What Makes Us Unique

The topic of whether our environment or genetics molds us into the person we are today and whether this plays a role in choosing to do the right thing when faced with a decision is an everlasting discussion. In fact, our upbringing and environment is the determining factor in making us into the unique beautiful people we are today. It is the reason why we make the decisions we make, act the way we do and function the way that we do in society.

It all starts when we are newborns, as we are introduced to the world our initial perspective of it is the home that we are born into. For most, the experience can be described as nurturing and loving. As we grow, our parents are the ones that we look to for guidance. During our upbringing not only are we nurtured but things such as morals and values are passed on to us along with being taught how to behave correctly. Most importantly throughout life we learn the difference between right and wrong. Overall, everyone has a unique upbringing which results in unique individuals.

In addition to upbringing, environment is a huge contributor to our uniqueness. Everyone has an environment that they have adapted to. For some this is the suburbs, for others the city. When referring to environment many factors are involved. These factors include people, their behavior, your personal interactions with humans in addition to the positive and negative events that occur throughout ones life.

As we all know, some people were not fortunate enough to benefit from the positive affects of a good upbringing and environment. As a result some may face challenges throughout their life and bad decisions may be made.

This is the reason why it is important to know that our upbringing and environment may have shaped us but we are not necessarily defined by those factors. We as humans, are all capable of doing the right thing when presented with a decision. In everyone’s life they have experienced some good whether it was a counselor, teacher, sibling or parent. Good is something that we hold close to us, imitate and never forget.

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